Top Secret why every Person Should start Blogging


I often argue that senior industry veterans should share their expertise online.

But for a fact, anything worthwhile in life consumes time and within the clumsiness and busy-ness of life where we are already short of time to take calls, emails, text messages, accomplish work-related and personal task lists, staff & bosses to manage, pals to catch up with, family & kids to take care of, etc., etc., etc.

So do you think that you still have time for blogging?

Thus, in my article, I’ll try to illustrate the major benefits that have helped me as a blogger.

  1. Blogging Makes you a Great Communicator

Just like writing, communication is also a skill honed through countless hours of discipline and practice.

In the process of infusing yourself into the world of words, you learn the art to express your feelings.

Over time, you would realize that you have learned the skill to express complex scenarios in better and easy language to your friends, family, relations, and peers. You will become a great communicator and also better thinker.

2. Blogging Develops Your Professional Skills

The most powerful learning technique I know is to try to teach what you’re currently learning.

Explaining the learnings will solidify your grasp over a topic and let you encounter with others thoughts and help you to clear your doubts from all angles.

As a blogger, you need to research deeper in your subject or field so as to give the most authentic and helpful content to people, in this process, you will evolve as a stronger professional with exposure to a vast stream of knowledge in your respective field.

3. Blogging Empowers you to Build Your Knowledge bank

Some people like to use personal notes for this purpose, but blogging can be a great way to keep track of information you intend to retrieve for future reference.

Looking back to your older posts will allow you to keep track of the progress of your learning curve. It’s an actually great way to introspect yourself to understand that how far have you come.

Whenever I get a glimpse of my old blogs, it gives me an insight of my career directions and my personal progress.

4. Blogging helps you to Build Your Like-minded Connections

Blogging attracts people from the same genre of interests. It helps you to build your own online community. If you continuously keep on churning up-to-date information then you will fall under the radar of successful players from your industry and will be recognized as a thought leader.

Remember, the core law of society is based on human connection & networking. It’s up to you how you leverage the law and boost your business or career.

Today, I see most of the successful individuals are bloggers for sure.

5. Blogging can Help you Make Serious Money

It was 2009- the great recession when most of the IT professionals realized the meltdown. Thanks to my blogging money that kept me moving on.

Even, today, most of the writers still don’t believe that how blogging can help them make money.

Monetizing your blog with Adsense can be a great source of second income for professionals.

It’s a really nice feeling to receive a few extra checks each month, and it will further motivate you to cook great blogging.

6. Blogging Improves your Professional Profile & Makes you Popular

Blogging pushes you towards continuos researching and learning that keeps you ahead of your peers.

It makes you a popular thought leader in your field. Companies in your field start recognizing you as a knowledgeable candidate and they approach to hire for their complex projects.

In short, blogging allows you grab eyeballs and help you find a new job, customers, partners, investors, publishers who are interested in having you authoring a book or something else entirely, it is certainly a great career booster.


Thus my strong recommendation, to all new and experienced professionals who are interested in building their careers is to start blogging today.

Blogging can yield limitless benefits in your career, the article is just the tip of the iceberg. If you want to enrich your career with blogging or want to make extra money from blogging then please comment below, I would be happy to help you out

1 thought on “Top Secret why every Person Should start Blogging

  1. Aadarsh Roy Reply

    Hey Alok Badatia,

    Great post with helpful tips. I really like the points that you have mentioned and the top reasons for blogging listed by you are all effective and helpful. I totally agreed with all of your points, whereas this post will encourage and motivate many people for doing blogging. Its absolutely true that blogging makes us a superb communicator and also develops our professional and communication skills. It helps us to become a better communicator with better skills. It helps to increase our networks and build connection with like-minded peoples.It also helps us to generate money and helps to become more professional so that we can gain more popularity. Blogging is a great way to gain more information, ideas and knowledge, whereas by doing blogging we can get more new ideas and knowledge.

    Very helpful post and will inspire many people to start blogging. Thanks for sharing.

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