Top 5 Powerful Video marketing strategy for startups

Digital technology plays a very important role in our life. It makes our life easier, smart and joyful. Due to growing technology we are completely surrounded by digital technology, it may be a smartphone, iPhones, iPad, computer, laptop, etc.

In this era Video marketing strategy will be great to boost your startup.

In 2015, Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched digital India program to empower the rural community and promoting digital literacy.  Today from children to old age people are using a smartphone.

The use of social media such as Facebook, Twitter, tik tok, Instagram has become the cornerstone of modern communication and almost 4 hours people spend on the internet.

Thus we understand smartphones play an integral part in life of an individual. And Internet usage over smartphones sky rocketed in last few years.

Due to the heavy use of the Internet, it is the best way to do marketing on the internet. Video is the bestway to connect consumer viewers and followers. Video is easy to understand, more memorable, then text. It is proven video content is more engaging than text. It is the benefits of video content marketing for business.

According to the word stream, video content post generates 1200 % more shares then text and images post combined. It is the benefits of video marketing for business.

 Now today users expect an exceptional level of quality. By investing a small amount of money and time can result in viral videos. Here, you will get best video making tips for beginners which increases level of quality of video.

In this article, We will discuss step by step about the scalable and memorable video marketing strategy on startups and how to make video for YouTube to get more engagement.

Elements of video marketing strategy

Step 1: Find out the purpose of your video marketing strategy.

It is very difficult to make shareable and getting too much like and comment if your ultimate purpose is to sell more widgets.

If your video contains self-promotional content, nobody likes it. It is noticed and consider as per me because no one knows you. You have to make them like a best friend by providing some educational,  entertainment and inspiration contained in your videos. This is the type of content makes videos more shareable it gives more subscription to your channel.

People are coming on the internet to solve their specific problem, entertainment, for educational purposes. No one comes on the internet to see an advertisement.

Finally, your videos should not be feel hesitated as they come only for watching you and your self pitches.

If your content is getting more share on social media account and the website it will not much difficult to find your brand. It is only because the enjoy your video their get a solution to their problem.

In short, to find the purpose of your video marketing strategy is sure.

  • Determine the target audience and their problems and choices.
  • The video must contain educational inspiration entertainment content audience shouldn’t feel bored.
  • create content that your audience wants that they need and they appreciate you.
  • Make sure your content should not be spammy.

Step 2: Find out the topic and formats of your video content.

Once you understand the purpose of making videos and your target audience. it is time to choose a format and topic that will connect with the best.

If you are video is instructional “how-to” brand stories, narrative etc.then goal is to provide something that your video should be changed to your audience so that viewers appreciate you and want more share.

Meanwhile, your video content must be related to your brand.

For example, created the “yoga business teaching privately” YouTube channel.

Yoga body’s videos are most useful for yoga aspirants.

With such yoga informative videos, anyone can start yoga at their home. By increasing the usefulness of their videos they are attracting people. Finally, if they have any purchase-related to yoga services users definitely go through their website. More right kinds of people become their part of the tribe. Users have definitely aligned themselves naturally with their brand.

Invest in research, analytic and matrix. Find out what insights about the people that already love your brand.

you could borrow ideas from those market campaign they have already been successful and applies to your business.

Step 3: Decide your video content maker

 There are a number of options you have to create a video.

You are with your team can create videos themselves. For a low budget, the best option is that you plant to make a video on a regular basis. But ensure that you must maintain the quality of the video. You should spend more time on research on how to create a great video. We can learn from the expert that can provide you with additional insights.

You can work with the agency to make the videos. If you want to create impactfully, that can be more viral you should take help from the agency for professional. But this option is too expensive, you have to pay a heavy amount to the agency.

If you have a healthy budget for marketing then working with them is beneficial

If you don’t have a heavy marketing budget and you don’t want to make a video then having another way to promote your videos that is you can work with bloggers or influencer make and promote the video.

You can also work with Vloggers. They have a great audience and would like to work with you as a partner. Vloggers have their own video format. They will integrate your product or service with little effort.

while deciding the above option you have to keep in mind your target audience,  your budget, your creativity and your time. By considering the above factors you should be able to decide which option is best for your product.

Steps 4: Leave your audience wanting more.

Do you remember Vodafone zoo zoo ads character promoted by Vodafone Zoo white create with balloons bodies and egg-like head.. Zoo zoo ads become more famous in the IPL season. Viewers eagerly awaited the product and for the next funny clips.

However, you should create video actually leave viewers, they want more they will be excited about new videos and subscribe to see what is coming next.

When you know this thing your marketing strategy has become a success.

Step 5: Determine where and how to promote your video.

It is not enough to make videos on YouTube for a successful business. To get more viewers you have to promote it on a number of platforms like another YouTube channel, Facebook page, Google ads. B2B video marketing statistics is better on LinkedIn. By great SEO technique, you can get high traffic on your video for a long time.

The partnership will give you a massive influx in shares, likes, subscriptions, and views that continue to grow.

However, startup me not be profitable to afford partnership with heavy traffic channels. But many channels social media groups like Facebook, telegram group are promoting at a low cost.

Facebook page is the best way to promote the business at startup.if you are video is related to promoting channels and valuable than the admin of the social media account will not hesitate to promote your video at a low cost.

If you are serious about video marketing strategy for your startup then go for video recording right now, at least you will start grabbing the basics. You will understand the basics of video marketing strategy. This is the best way to learn video marketing from basics and then go for the advanced video marketing. We will help you.

Who knows your video will be published in our next article.

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