Powerful Tips to Build High Conversion Stages Marketing Funnel That Generate Massive Leads

My friend started a new business he asked me for help. I was just starting to learn digital marketing. As we were new in online business, we needed more sales and buyers. 

I had no idea what I was doing. I read many blog posts, saw dozens of YouTube videos, but nothing seems to work.

Our product was great but, people just didn’t buy it.

Finally, some mistakes turn out from my marketing strategy that everyone makes at starting.

When someone was visited by friends’ website, I would try to get those visitors to purchase using coupon offers, using videos but nothing happened.

I was like that t-shirt salesperson: ineffective, inappropriate and pushy.

My strategy didn’t work in Real-world. But I learned that those rules are not works in the online world. What I wanted was a stages of marketing funnel.

Digital marketing funnel consists of a framework of business used to turn strangers into buying customers. A digital marketing funnel is a requested task for converting from unaware of the brand to becoming near buying the customer.

Strangers move through different stages of the marketing funnel and finally become your buying customer.

Marketing funnel consists of the strategy process, web traffic, a series of emails, landing pages, free offers, and sales. Any business using digital technology can generate massive leads and increase sales using digital marketing funnel.

Many marketing strategists create many types of funnel but I would like to show you simple marketing funnel. In this article, basic marketing funnel explained.


Online marketing funnel divided into three parts.

This is the correct order of marketing funnel stages.

  1. Top of the funnel
  2. Middle of the funnel
  3. Bottom of the funnel


Let us discuss marketing funnel stages one by one:

Top of the funnel:

The top part of marketing funnel people not aware of your business, product or service, brand. You have to introduce them in Several ways using local event, Making YouTube videos, sponsorship, branding campaigns, Facebook or Google campaign.

All are the common method of introducing someone to your brand.

People on top of not ready to buy your product. Many small businessman trying to sell their product at the top of the funnel.

Even few of customers will bought your product but it is not beneficial for the long term.

Top of the funnel look like someone reading a blog post or viewing one of your YouTube channel.

Middle of the funnel:

The middle of the marketing funnel is where you take a potential customer from strangers to interest in your product.

In the middle of the funnel, the goal is to get them into your landing page. Give them a piece of content information and get their email id and phone number that you can letter use to nurture your relationship.

In the middle of the funnel, you build a enough trust then people start showing an interest. It contain what you do and what you have.

In your digital platform middle funnel look like free pieces of content that your visitors can access by submitting their email id or phone number.

Bottom of the funnel:

Now you build a sufficient level of trust with your leads in this part of the funnel. They are ready with your main product.

 At the bottom of the funnel, you should present your product in a compelling way. Such that feels like this is the only product that is a solution to their problem.

You should present an offer such that if they will not purchase they will miss something. It looks like a limited offer.

Create such a format of Funnel that maximum people get converted up to bottom of the funnel, you will get maximum sale.

How to create powerful digital marketing funnel in 10 steps

Now you know the stages of marketing funnel and how they work. Using this step you can convert powerful digital marketing funnel.

Step 1: Determine what you offer to the customer.

You should know what service or what product going to offer the customer. This will help you with all the digital marketing funnel.

Following things helps to know about the basic elements of the stages of marketing funnel:

  • Cost of product and method of payment.
  • Method of delivery.
  • The component that the product includes.

Step 2: Create your lead magnet

In this stage, you offer potential customers when they land on your landing page. You give them access to some little important information in exchange for their email id and phone number.

When they find your information is uniquely valuable. You able to Grab their attention and interest of potential customers, they will move further along the funnel.

Common examples of lead magnet include instructional videos, how-to guides, plugins, apps, free eBook, free photos, etc.

Your potential customer doesn’t need a solution to all problems but it does need your valuable information to solve they are one of the problems. They should feel your product is exactly the solution to their problem.

Step 3: Build an automated email sequence

The automated sequential email follows your freebies after submitting their contact information.

 It will be delivered automatically to the freebie in a certain period of time. It contains what company offers.

 You can choose the best email marketing strategy, but this is most tried basic schedule:

 Day 1: Email delivery

 The first mail for your potential customers contain.

  • Some tips
  • How to get
  • Introduction to your product
  • Who are you and what you do

Welcome email (8 to 24 hours after Day 1 email)

 Now you sent welcome which contains why to subscribe to you what problem you can solve what valuable information you offer.

 In this email, you should know what kind of information your freebie want to move them forward.

 This email is sent 8 to 24 hours after the first delivery email.

 Day 3: Value email

 These email content something link to blog post, downloadable file, audio ebook, audio link, video link, that your content can solve additional problems.

 This email should offer a such that builds on the freebie they sign up for.

 Day 5: Case studies email

 This email contains multiple case studies of customers. Show that how you solve the problem and result in working with you from the customer perspective. The result should in detail as much as possible.

 Day 7: Value email

In this email again you offer free value to customers. Increase their relationship with your business, product, and brand.

Day 9: Social proof

 This email includes testimonials and reviews from past and current customers to show that you are a reputable brand that customer links.

 Day 10: sale or offer email

 This email is one that lets prospects know what you have for sales. You should present clearly what you offer. Make an easy and clear buying process to avoid discouraging people from completing a sale process.

 Day 11: Reminder email

 This email contains something like urgency by making a clear offer that has a dead life. These offers look more compelling.

 Step 4: Sign up of your email service provider

You should create an email copy first then sign up for your email service provider. You can plug easily email into the email service providers interface.

Step 5: Build an  attractive landing page

A landing page is a page on your potential customer land by clicking on the ads. The goal of landing should generate interest.

 Give you their email id in exchange for your freebie. This is the first step of your digital marketing funnel.

 Attractive and successful landing page include:

  • 6 clear title for your potential customer.
  • 4 to 6 benefits of your freebie.
  • Subscription form by submitting an email and name.
  • Simple but attractive graphics.
  • No more than three to four sentences of text.

Step 6: Build connection for each element of your marketing funnel

 If someone signs on your landing page then start receiving your emails. So you need to connect each element of your funnel. 

 You should connect the landing page to your email service provider. Add some necessary code that will help for tracking the landing page.

 Steps 7: Test your marketing funnel

 Before launching any ad you should test your marketing funnel. You can submit your friend’s, family email on the landing page to check each stage of email marketing to ensure that you are funnel working properly.

 Step 8: Drive traffic your landing page

 You had created your digital marketing funnel. Now it’s time to drive traffic on your landing page. There are multiple free and paid ways to drive traffic.

Freeway to drive traffic

  • Use social media
  • Share information on forums
  • Give incentives to subscribers who share offers.
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

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Paid to drive traffic

 Buy pay per click PPC on Google and Facebook Adwords

 Step 9: Build loyalty in marketing

 It means that customers think of you for a solution to their ongoing problem. Both for themselves and others.

 How to create loyalty in marketing? 

  • Send handwritten notes to your customers.
  • Arrange programs and rewards for repeated customers.
  • Send special use who have been doing business with you for more than 1 year.
  • Offered to customers who send you referrals.

Loyalty in marketing plays an important role in generating high-value revenue for businesses.


Step 10: Optimize your digital marketing funnel

Optimize your landing page that increases your freebie. Testing your landing page that how many customers lands on the landing page and which of them subscribe for a freebie.

 Use heat map tools like hotjar. You can see how many people take action on the landing pages.

 It will help to optimize landing page image and button, It will show you bounce rate and subscription rate on the  landing page.

 A/B testing is helpful in comparing two different landing pages and a selection of landing page.

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