The 10 Biggest Digital Marketing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

We know that digital marketing evolving fast, you will constantly move on the new path you find yourself trying out new tools. So you are bound to make Digital Marketing mistakes in your business.

In this article, we are discussing the most common Digital Marketing mistakes and how to avoid them. This problem comes under any kind of mistake.

SEO, social media marketing, inbound or outbound marketing, email marketing, paid advertising, etc. But making mistakes can limit your growth and you avoid them. You will see significant growth on convergence.

 1. Not marketing of your business website 

Without traffic on your business website is like dead. Many talented business people come to get a new business website.

There are more than 1 billion websites on the internet why people stumble to your website. When a website is alive it market itself.

Without marketing your website gain either little or slow traffic and it cause dry up sale.

Proper marketing of website always gets massive leads and get higher success.


Understand the proper strategy of your website.

Market your website in a proper way.

               Set unrealistic goal

unrealistic goal


Another common  Digital Marketing mistakes is set an unrealistic goal on the website.

People who assume that online initiative produces immediate results and they make more such type of mistake. They want 5000,000 uses in the first year, they didn’t want to 5000,000 visitors. It comes under poor marketing strategies.

Even who don’t have any digital marketing experience, realize that it is an unrealistic marketing goal.

Smart business people should not accept overnight success, it takes time.

People get definite success who sets the real cases of expectation. But it is rare.


There is no shortcut tricks for success. Set smart goals for your website.


  3. Application of blackhat method

Blackhat word come from Western movie to describe bad guy.

It is tricking search engine to rank website on the first page for certain keywords. 

If you are doing Black hat SEO for websites to get a better position for certain keywords. Then you are playing with fire.

Google spending million to determine cheaters. It is a short term gain, website rank on google but this Digital Marketing mistakes bring your website penalized or banned.


Be aware of fake agencies, use white hat SEO to get a better position on Google. It takes time but good for a long time.

   4. Not determined ideal customer

Getting traffic is important but getting the right traffic which converts to buying customers is most important. Most companies focus only on a number of visitors while analyzing their website traffic.

Traffic is growing on a website, they will be happy. They can do anything to get traffic. Whether with people will convert or not to buying customers.

In reality, your business needs the right traffic on your website landing page.


Focus on your ideal customer puts effort to make buyers a persona.

    5. Not having better partner and tools

Today digital marketing is a very broad term. There are so many things in digital marketing. It is not possible to do digital marketing by a single person.

In my past experiences, I have never seen digital marketers who gain experience in SEO social media, PPC and email marketing.

Most people have certainly an experience but can’t be solely manage everything.

The same formula applies to external marketing tools. Multiple tools are available in digital marketing for their specific purpose.


You should engage with the right partner for your business and use the right tool for your website.

    6.Underestimating marketing

Many people think that online marketing is free. Online marketing through websites having no budget is like buying a car having no money for petrol.

 Even expertise can never bring results for online marketing without money. You should know that online marketing always need cost.

The marketing budget depends on the strategy of online marketing and the aggressiveness of reaching goals.

But the marketing process varies between 20% to 50% of the website.


Set marketing budget between 20 to 50% of the cost.

     7. Solely depends on paid advertising.

Online marketers use paid advertise ( PPC, paid ads on social media, etc). Because it is a reliable, quick way to get traffic, easy to calculate return on investment.

But some major drawbacks only 30% of people click on paid search result remaining 70% of people click on organic result. It is so expensive.

You will not find a better result for a long time.

Rather than solely depending on paid as tools, you should invest in mixed strategies such as SEO, social media marketing, inbound marketing, etc.

This strategy may take time to produce a result but it will be beneficial for the long term.


Use a combination of paid at tools and inbound marketing to promote your business.

    8.Not measuring return on investment (ROI)

The worst online marketing mistake is neglecting the measurement of ROI. Many businesses pour money and time sporadically. This is a very terrible way of online marketing. They doing business like gambling, totally depends on luck.

Implementing marketing blindly without calculating the return of marketing. It is full of madness they are wasting money.

Another common mistake that measuring return on investment incorrect way. It comes under a failed marketing strategy.

They look at traffic or overall lead for sale without understanding the marketing campaign.


Always calculate the return on investment (ROI)

     9.Not making a marketing plan

For success, online marketing having a marketing plan is essential for your business website. Before spending $1 you must have a basic marketing plan.

Without a marketing plan, your spending money here and there. This approach will secure a marketing budget and waste your important time.

Traffic will be multiple times when you have marketing plans as compared to when you don’t have a marketing plan.


Make money with an optimized marketing plan that is right for your business.

   10.Making excuses

Let’s see some excuses:

  • Marketing plan is only for big companies not for us. Marketing is essential for all business whether it is small or big. It is a road map for your increasing decreasing sales.
  • Marketing plan only for business not for the website. The website is a business tool on which sales depend. Why wouldn’t marketing plan for the website.
  • I don’t have time to put simultaneously on another plan, I don’t know how to put a good marketing plan will save time. You will become more efficient in your marketing efforts.
  • I don’t need a plan, I want to be flexible.Want to be flexible it is ok but how you knew plan which opportunities are worth the cost and money.
  • The plan will help to make a decision about which opportunity best for you.2.

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