10 Successful Digital Marketing Interview Tips for 2020

Digital Marketing Interview tips 2020

Interview plays a very important role in each and every person’s life. But before stepping ahead for interview the most important thing that has to be ready is your Resume or CV.  Be sure that your resume stands out from the crowd. Once the resume is crafted, then the next step is getting ready for the interview. Interview process is the most important part of a job hunt. But always remember “confidence is the key”.

Here, in this article we have put together 10 successful Digital Marketing Interview Tips for 2020 to set your path to interview success.

1. Do Company Research

The very first and important Digital Marketing Interview Tip is to start with the company research. It is absolutely important that you  familiarize yourself with the company, industry and role or position that you are interviewing for.

Great place to start from is the Company’s website. Because a company’s website will provide some useful points that you can use during interview, and also ensures that you are ready for few standard interview questions. The most common as well as important question asked in all the interviews which you guys should go prepared for is “Why should we hire you?”

2. Practice well

We all know “Practice makes human perfect”. We all are hearing this from our school days. The next Digital Marketing Interview tip is related to this saying. Before you go for an interview try arranging a mock interview with your friends. If that too fails then you can also try the most successful method of rehearsing the commonly asked questions in front of a mirror.

Practice, practice and practice in front of a mirror until you are perfect enough. Trying this will not only make you practice well, but also you can gain confidence in your spoken English. Because as I had told at the beginning confidence is the key. You will not only practice well, gain confidence but also it’s a great way to make you get comfortable while you face yourself in front of a mirror.

3. Develop your social presence

This Digital Marketing Interview tip is telling you to work on your online and social presence. Nowadays having an online and social presence plays a very important role in the interview process. Candidates get evaluated and selected based on this too.

For Example: Suppose you have applied for a Digital Marketing Executive position, and you get a call from the company  for an interview. The first thing a company sees while hiring you is what work have you done for yourself in the Digital Marketing field. That is only evaluated based on your online and social presence.

You can do this by writing Blogs, creating Facebook pages, LinkedIn profiles and try publishing your blog on this platforms, this will show your profile as a professional profile and increases your chance of  getting in the company. In short make your online and social presence solid strong, which will also help you in learning.

4. Mention Tools In CV

Digital Marketing is all about Tools. Make a note of this Digital Marketing Interview tip, and don’t forget to add in your CV. Everything works on tools in Digital Marketing. So, it’s very important for you to learn and also know each and every tool. Each field in Digital Marketing has its own tools to work upon. Make sure you have a good knowledge and also practice about all of them.

Mention the tools that you have worked on, the keywords that you have used with the volume and provide them the report. All this will increase your chance of getting hired and will make you stand out from the other competitors.

5. Internship

If you are a fresher and looking for job opportunity then immediately start applying for Internship. This Digital Marketing Interview tip is very important for your practical knowledge. Doing an internship will help you in learning all the marketing strategies, how the industry works and most importantly how an industry works on tools.

Because after all Digital Marketing is not a theory subject it’s a practical subject. It’s very important for you to have a practical experience, which you will get only through internship. So, try doing internship and take an experience letter and increase your chance of getting placed.    

6. Know Your Strengths

Most asked, as well as an important Digital Marketing tip is to know your strengths. It is common that the hiring manager will definitely want to know what are your strengths and skills which you will bring to their company.

So, it is a good practice to read the job specification and make a note of the credentials that the company is looking for. Also think about your relevant strengths, skills, achievements and do prepare a proper talk about the specific things or examples that will actually highlight your professional strengths and suitability for job position.

7. Always Carry a Smile

This is one the Digital Marketing Interview tip which people often forget to carry with them. Positivity goes a long way in an interview. Always have a smile because a smile will show the interviewer that you are really passionate and enthusiastic about the job. One more thing along with the smile is the “eye contact” and “body language”. Be sure to make an eye contact and be aware of your body language.

8. Positive Attitude

Positive Attitude matters a lot. This is the most important Digital Marketing Interview tip which most people don’t do. Always remember one thing that your first job is not your skills test or knowledge test, it is your positive personality that you showcase during the interview.

Most of the hiring managers judge you based on your attitude, and see what is your mindset, are you really in the learning mode etc. So, it is very important to have a positive attitude, because “first impression is the last impression”. With this you should also focus on your dressing. Go with the formals, because that gives a professional look. Overall make sure that your attitude, you get up, the way you carry yourself, punctuality, last and the most important is you CV, keep it readable to the point. All this basic Digital Marketing Interview Tips are very much important, keep them in mind and rock your interview.

9. Give More Interviews

Need a job?? Then the best solution to this is, “Start giving Interviews”. Upload your CV on the job portals. Until and unless you don’t start giving interviews, how will you get experience?? So, start giving interviews as much as you can and do remember one thing, you learn many things from each interview, Make a note of each thing you learnt from each interview, if there are some negative things also, make a note of that too and start working on that. At last with all this experience that you’ve gained from all the interview, you will be able to crack your dream job in your dream company.

10. What’s Your Field?

There are four major areas from where the openings come from.

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
  2. Social Media Optimization (SMO).
  3. Content Development.
  4. Advertisement.

First of all you need to be clear about which area  you’re  looking for or you are interested in. Once you are clear about it, then go ahead. Suppose you are going for an SEO interview then make sure you keep your blogs ready and have a good knowledge of your online presence, also carry the report of the keywords that you have worked upon and also talk about the growth of the keywords from then and now.

If you are trying for a social media profile then make sure you have a clear knowledge about the strategy that you used on all the social media profiles like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter etc for posting, and also what are the tools used by you.

If looking out for a content development profile then you need to keep your samples ready to show them. They may also give you a small activity of writing small content on a topic. If you are really passionate about writing then this field is for you.

Coming to the advertisement profile, then this is completely about ads. You need to work completely on Facebook ads, Google ads etc. Initially you need to at least spend some money on this to learn exactly how these ads work end to end. In this the interviewer will only ask you some practical questions. You just need to have basic knowledge of the ads at the fresher level.

Digital Marketing Interview Tips for 2020
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